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How To Improve Your Vocabulary

März 8, 2010 ESL Progress
5 March 2010

Welcome to ESL Progress

Dear Readers!
Happy St Patrick's DayWelcome to this March edition of the newsletter. In two days we are releasing Daniel Emmerson’s latest filmInsights from China. Watch for your special invitation soon! In this ESL Progress we’ll look at how you can improve your English vocabulary – please add your own ideas too! Then we have news of ESL Blues, which has won the Site of the Month Award. And you can take part in our Talking Point Discussion–on the importance of eye contact. Test yourself too with Quick Quiz!

Happy Progress!
Josef Essberger
Josef Essberger, Founder

Learner News

EnglishClub Site of the MonthSite of the Month Award

ESL Blues
English learners are always asking for more online quizzes. Quizzes are a way to practise English and determine areas of difficulty. ESL Blues has a large collection of short quizzes that are categorized based on level and language focus. Some quizzes only focus on a single item, such as "must" vs. "have to" and others focus on…
Learn more…

This Month’s Lesson

How to improve your vocabulary

Burning Question of the Month
What are some ways to improve my vocabulary other than reading books and newspapers?

Read on and add your ideas

Talking Point
The Importance of Eye Contact

What is Eye Contact?

Eye contact is what happens when two people’s eyes "meet" – in other words, they look at each other’s eyes. Despite the simplicity of its definition, eye contact can mean many different things to many different people in the various cultures in the world.

How does Eye Contact help us?
Having eye contact with another individual gives us an opportunity to collect a lot of information about the other person’s emotional state, feelings, reactions and opinions. We may do this with or without realising that we are collecting such data from the other person at the time. An excellent example of when we are aware of the significance of eye contact is perhaps when we are flirting with someone. What starts out with a quick glance soon develops into…

Read on…

Each month we have a new Talking Point and invite your views and opinions. Just follow the link below to say what you think.

This month’s Talking Point is:

Do people communicate more with their eyes than with words?

Quick Quiz Quiz
"Actually" has a similar meaning to

a) really

b) probably
c) likely

See end of newsletter for answer

Word Up ESL board game
Answer to Quick Quiz

a) really

This is a level 3 question and answer from Word Up, the ESL board game that’s fun to play at home or at school.

Learn more about Word Up
Buy Word Up from

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Learner News
This Month’s Lesson
Talking Point
Quick Quiz
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