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Englisch Sprachschule: Studio Cambridge August Newsletter

August 13, 2010
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August 2010

The summer is beginning to draw to a close with some summer centres already closed now for 2010. As you can see from the photo above, it has been unusually hot here in Cambridge, although there has still been the occasional traditional English thunderstorm!

Studio’s adult students return to the main school during August, and activities continue to be predominantly outside while the warm weather lasts. This month’s activities include glass painting in the garden, a pool competition, a visit to the Downing Street Museums and football in the park. Students can also buy tickets to the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, which continues until the end of August.

Please note that the school is closed on the 30th of August as it is a National bank holiday. We will be offering a full-day excursion in place of lessons.

Studio Statistics

Here is the student nationality breakdown for our adult students studying on EFL 20 and EFL 28 during the week beginning 16th August 2010:

Student Profile

What is your name?
Ceyda Tekgul

Where are you from?

What do you love most about Studio?
I love the activities!

What activities have you enjoyed the most?
Punting! The river is a beautiful place and the river and King’s College and the bridges are beautiful!

How have you found the quality of teaching?
It’s good because my teacher speaks English very slowly.

Do you feel your English has improved?
Yes. I talk to other people and I must speak English because this is not Turkey! With other International students, we talk about our country because we want to have a lot of friends. The only problem is that I have Turkish friends and I want to practice English.

How have you found Britain?
Britain is a very historical place, everywhere is beautiful but the weather is not good! I don’t like the rain!

What aspect of British life have you found the most surprising?
The Sun sets at ten pm, which is very surprising. In Turkey it sets at 8pm in the summer.

If you have been on any excursions, where have you been? What did you enjoy about it?
I want to go to Oxford but I haven’t been yet. I have been to London. It is very very beautiful place but it is very crowded. London is the same as Istanbul in this.

To read more student profiles please visit our website.

Summer students

Here are some more students from our Sir Michael centre! Do you recognise any?


This month in Cambridge the Shakespeare Festival continues, with ‚As You Like It‘, ‚Henry V‘ and ‚Twelfth Night‘. Watching a Shakespearean comedy in the sun is especially enjoyable when you can take a picnic and enjoy the lovely gardens at different Cambridge University Colleges.

On the 28th of August the Harvest Festival starts at Wimpole Hall, which is a National Trust house around 7 miles from Cambridge. A beautiful estate, this festival features food competitions as well as livestock talks and demonstrations!

There are also many farmers‘ markets in small towns around Cambridge and in Cambridge itself over the last weekend in August as Monday 30th August is a National bank holiday in the UK.

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