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EnglishClub ESL Progress #109

Oktober 2, 2010
ESL Progress
September 2010
Cent, stray border collieWelcome to the latest issue of ESL Progress, the EnglishClub newsletter for learners. This month’s lesson looks at laughing in English, and Talking Point asks if people are happier in hot countries, while the EnglishClub Site of the Month Award goes to howJsay. Test yourself too with Quick Quiz!

Happy Progress!
Josef Essberger

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This Month’s Lesson

Laugh your Head OffLaugh your Head Off

They say laughter is the best medicine. It can help you get through an illness. It can help you grieve a loss. It can even cure depression. A laugh a day keeps the doctor away, but can it also help you learn English?

Imagine an English class that was completely based on comedy. Is this laughable? It might go something like this…

Laugh your Head Off

Quick Quiz
Which is powered by the wind?

a) a canoe
b) a tugboat
c) a yacht

See end of newsletter for answer

Learner News
Language Tools, with Wordle
We have now added Wordle to the EnglishClub language tools page. You can see an example Wordle and make your own.

Cannot or can not?
People often ask me whether they should write cannot (1 word) or can not (2 words).
read on

EnglishClub Site of the ESL Site of the Month Award


This large English pronunciation dictionary is part of the Fonetiks family of websites and offers quick reference to the pronunciation of English words. If you are ever in doubt about the proper pronunciation of a word, simply type the word you want to hear into the search field on the homepage and enjoy instant sound…

read on

Talking Point Talking Point
Are people happier in hot countries?

Why do people who live in very cold countries seem more miserable than people who live in hot climates?

What do YOU think?

miserable (adjective): very unhappy
climate (noun): the usual weather conditions in an area

Answer to Quick Quiz

Word Up - the world's most popular ESL board gamec) a yacht

This is a level 3 question and answer from Word Up, the world’s most popular ESL board game. Get Word Up

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