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ESL Progress ~ How To Use Compound Nouns

Juni 23, 2011
ESL Progress
June 2011
Welcome to EnglishClub ESL Progress

Dear Christian,

Josef EssbergerWelcome to the latest edition of ESL Progress for learners and teachers of English. This month we look at Compound Nouns, that is nouns made from more than one word. You’ll also find news about This Week In History and the latest EnglishClub Site of the Month (which helps you build up your vocabulary). Hear our latest audio news about Iceland. For teachers there are some useful new worksheets. And as always you can try our Quick Quiz.

Good luck!
Josef Essberger, Founder

This Month’s Lesson
Compound Nouns

A compound noun is a noun that is made with two or more words. A compound noun is usually [noun + noun] or [adjective + noun], but there are other combinations. It is important to understand and recognize compound nouns. Each compound noun acts as a single unit and can be modified by adjectives and other nouns.

There are three forms for compound nouns:

  1. space between words (tennis shoe)
  2. hyphen between words (six-pack)
  3. no space between words (bedroom)

Read on for more examples and explanations in compound nouns lesson.

Quick Quiz What do the letters "PR" stand for?

a) public relatives
b) public relationships
c) public relations

answer at end

EnglishClub ESL Site of the Month ESL Site of the Month VocabAhead is a vocabulary building site that is useful for advanced English language learners. Visit the study room, where you will find video explanations of at least 1000 difficult words. If you are preparing for exams or standardized tests, these words will be extremely useful for you. You’ll be less likely to forget the words because they are presented with audio and visual explanations.
News and Links Things you don’t want to miss…

This Week In History, now with quiz
Our This Week In History pages just get better and better! Now complete with vocabulary explanations, image or video, and multiple-choice quiz.

Children’s Stories: Listen Online Or Download
Excellent listening practice, even for adults! You can listen online or download each story. And you can read the transcripts too.

Listen to Weekly News
Now you can listen to a selected news story every Tuesday. Each week we have a top international story, with audio, transcript, wordchecker and gapfill exercise. This week Iceland Using Social Media to Rebuild Constitution.

New pages for Teachers

ESL Worksheets: Many new worksheets with answer sheets, all printable.
This Week In History Archive: Now you can access the entire year so you can plan ahead for lessons based on This Week In History.

Answer to Quick Quiz

Word Up - the world's most popular board game for English learners
Word Up – the world’s most popular board game for English learners

c) public relations

This is a level 3 question and answer from Word Up, the world’s most popular board game for learners of English

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