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ESL Progress: How bold are you?

Oktober 3, 2011
ESL Progress
September 2011
Welcome to EnglishClub ESL Progress

Josef Essberger Welcome to this edition of ESL Progress for learners and teachers of English. This month we have new pages about using italics and bold type in English writing. Check out our latest Listen To Weekly News and this month’s EnglishClub Site of the Month (which is based on current events). For teachers there are some useful new activities. And as always you can try our Quick Quiz from Word Up.

Good luck!
Josef Essberger, Founder

Lessons Of The Month
In type or printed writing, italics are a sloping kind of writing. The characters slope to the right, as you see in the diagram below…
Bold Type
In type or printed writing, bold is a heavy kind of writing. The characters are thicker than normal, as you see in the diagram below…

bold type

Quick Quiz The daughter of your uncle is

a) your niece
b) your cousin
c) your nephew

answer at end

EnglishClub ESL Site Of The Month ESL Site of the Month English Addicts is a self-study site for English learners based on current events from around the world. Choose from over 1500 lessons ranging from easy to difficult. Lessons include vocabulary, reading, listening, and typing tasks. There are also discussion questions and speaking tasks for teachers to use in class. Audio files are downloadable, and a wide variety of accents…
News And Links Things you don’t want to miss…

Listen to Weekly News
Now you can listen to a selected news story every Tuesday. Each week we have a top international story, with audio, transcript, wordchecker and gapfill exercise. This week is about the last bullfight in Catalonia.

Mobile Phones Dangerous?
Some scientists now say that mobile phones are dangerous and may damage our brains or cause cancer. But not all scientists agree. What do you think?

Pride and Prejudice – Audio
Listen to this excerpt from Chapter 1 of the English classic "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.

New pages for Teachers

What Your Students Need To Know About BULATS Writing Part One
How students can boost their score in the first part of the BULATS Writing exam.

Planning And Paragraphing Activities
Stimulating ways of quickly improving your students‘ vital writing skills of planning and paragraphing.

Answer To Quick Quiz
b) your cousin

This is a level 3 question and answer from Word Up, the world’s most popular board game for learners of English.

52 Sounds To Improve Your English Fast
When you learn the 52 sounds of spoken English you learn to:

  • speak English more clearly (so other people understand you!)
  • understand what other people are saying to you

Pronunciation Power teaches you the 52 sounds of English in a fun, interactive way.

In This Issue
Lessons Of The Month
Quick Quiz
Site Of The Month
News And Links
Answer To QQ
52 sounds of English
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